The Neighbour Aid program is designed to assist frail aged people, people with Dementia and their Carers in our local community. Jubilee Community Services Neighbour Aid program aims to promote positive ageing that relates to the independence, participation, care, self-fulfillment and dignity of our Ageing community. Neighbour Aid is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Our Services are only available to people over the age of 65  who reside in the St George region  and their Carers, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders over the age of 50.   Our staff can provide information on other services available to assist you with meeting your needs. A referral can also be made to other appropriate services.

To access our Neighbour Aid program, you must first register with MAC (My Aged Care) who can be contacted on www.myagedcare.gov.au or 1800 200 422.  They will either do a phone or in person assessment and then you can request to be referred to Jubilee Community Services.

When accessing our Aged Care Services, generally clients will be asked to make  a Client Contribution and the policy on this can be downloaded here:    Client Contribution Policy

For more info on Neighbour Aid  neighbour-aid-brochure-dl-bi-fold


An example of our outings is attached here March& April 2020.  It is updated every 2 months, but is mostly on the same days and goes to similar venues,  however for the latest program and events associated with Neighbour Aid please email us.



Jubilee  Community Services Neighbour Aid program provides an extensive range of Social support services including:

  • Regular Bus Outings – this go to clubs, concerts, movies etc and vary as to the day of the week they are held
  • Home Visiting
  • Accompanied Shopping



We offer a free support and advocacy for any concern or complaint you may have.

Please contact our Information and Referral service on 9579 6322 for further information or email communityworker@jubileecs.org.au